Lenovo LP40II Plus Wireless Touch Control Earbuds

Color: Black
Rs.4,000 Rs.5,000
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Product description:

1. Bluetooth 5.3 chip, high-definition low latency, 65MS no latency, cool games, physical noise reduction.
2. Precise pickup, binaural calls, enhanced sound.
3. For game custom chips, the 10-meter connection is uninterrupted, the anti-interference is strong, and the signal is more concentrated in the game mode.
4. Dual host, separate left and right ears, easy to use
5. Smart touch, compact and lightweight, suitable for ear canal without burden
6. Service life level, sweat waterproof function
7. Durable characteristics 13mm power driver, can realize stereo and C-type interface, fast charging
8. Ergonomic design and lightweight design and measurement are completely comfortable in your ears.

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