Compro™ USB Type C to 11 In 1 HUB

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Make sure if your USB-C port has the following signs:

* Especially for Type C Port Laptop/Tablets/Phone
* All USB ports support Charging and Data Transfer.
* When the mobile phone/tablet uses the hub for data reading or Screen Extension Display, the phone/tablet itself needs to support the OTG function.

USB-C 11-in-1 Docking Station
11 ports extension

Multifunctional Extension

11 Ports Functional Expansion

It allows your laptop with a single interface to connect to a variety of devices.

11-IN-1 Full Function


Expansion While Charging

Support 87W PD fast charge and have phones, tablets and laptops fully charged all the time.

Support PD 3.0 Fast Charging

It can charge mobile phones and tablets at the same time without waiting for charging.


More convenient office experience with your phone.

4K HD Quality

Enjoy cinema-grage visual effects.

Connect laptop to projector

Connect to a projector, TV , monitor and other bigger screens via 4K HD for dual-screen display.

Efficient Transmission, File Transfer in 5 Seconds

The pictures and large fules can be easily transmitted in seconds.

SD/TF Dual Cards Read Write

Read Two Cards Simultaneously Transfer Photos/Files Easily.

Enjoy Wired Network

Support 100 Mbps/10Mbps for working and playing games smoothly.

Powerfull Inner Core

Each function features one powerful chipset.

Easy to Carry

Mini size makes it easy to be put into a pocket and briefcase.

Cooler & Safer

The Advanced Chip Provides a Cooler Functioning Temperature and Stable Performance.

OTG Function

Only supports Type-C interfaces, phones/tablets must support OTG.

Type-C Interface Exclusive

Suitable for Apple MacBook, Huawei Mate Book, Xiaomi notebook and many other computers with Type-C connector as well as mobile phones.

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