Powerbank Mini Cable R-620

Style: Type C


R-620 Mini Powerbank Cable: Enjoy Charging Time Up To 30% Faster Than Most Standard Alternatives With New Ronin R-620 Mini Powerbank Cable.

R-620 Power bank Mini Cable • 0.3m wire length

– Small Length to work hassle-free with your power bank, beat the tangle. Enjoy charge times up to 30% faster than most standard cables.

Rapid charge and sync

– Up to 2.4A max rapid charge depending on charging device, fast data transmission and rapid speed to sync your device at the speed up to 480mbps

Extremely Durable

– Reinforced soft rubberized cable has a 6000+ lifespan, stronger and more durable than standard cables. Sync and Charge: Transferring DATA and charging at the same time.


– Best for charging from power bank. Ideal for charging and Sync the latest Android Smartphones, Laptop, Tablet, MP3 players, Power Bank and other Android Devices.


What’s in the box:

R-620 Power bank Mini Cable


Cable Variations

Micro-USB, Lightning, Type-C


2.4 Ampere

Build Type



0.3 m

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