PD Quick Charge Power Bank 30000 MAh



PD R-104 Quick Charge Power Bank 30000 MAh

Ronin’s R-104 PD Quick Charge Power Bank With Its Huge 30,000 MAh Battery Capacity Is Your Best Companion On Long Plane Trips Or Binge-Watching Drama/ Movie Time On The Couch.

Ronin’s R-104 Comes With Dual USB Type-C Output/Input, LED Digital Display, Power Delivered 18W Quick Charge Capacity For Your Device To Have The Instant Energy Boost Anywhere Anytime.


18 W quick charge: Give your device an instant and blazing boost of energy anywhere anytime with Ronin’s R-104 18W quick charge ability.

PD fast charge:
 The power delivered charge capacity enable you to use the R-104 to charge big devices such as laptops, tablets along with the mobile phone.

Dual USB output: 
The R-104 comes with dual USB output to make you charge two devices at once. No need to prioritize the gadget when it comes to portable charging, charge your mobile and tablet at the same time.

LED digital display:
 The LED digital display enable you to monitor the remaining capacity or battery level with ease and comfort.

Type-C input/output:
 Ronin’s R-104 has a Type-C output/input enabling it to charge any of the modern device as most of the devices in the market now have Type-C charging point.

Huge battery capacity: 
Ronin’s R-104 have the huge 30,000 mAh battery capacity. The capacity that can make you carefree on long road or plane trips that have no charging facility. As you can recharge your mobile tablet or other device any time using R-104 quick charge power bank.



1 Year



Battery Capacity

30,000 mAh


1 x USB Port + 1 x 18W USB Port + 1 x Type-C PD Port

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