R-415 Convenient Charger



Ronin’s R-415 Convenient Charger Is Here To Make Your Life Easy.

R-415 Is The Sleek, Chic, Fast And Durable Charger To Give You The Ultimate Experience Of Safest Fast Charging. It Is An All-In-One Charger With Its All-Round Protection And Swift Mobile Charging Features.

Stylish design: The stylish, lustrous and elegant design of R-415 make it a fashion statement in the world of fast charging chargers.

High durability: The strong and tough outer makes the R-415 charger highly durable and easy to handle in a carefree manner.

Auto-ID: The Ronin’s R-415 comes with auto-ID feature making it the best-fit for an all-round protected charging experience. It will monitor the connected device and optimize the circuit and power required saving it from overheating and over charging.

Safe and fast charging: Ronin’s R-415 has a capacity of 2.4Ampere which is the maximum safe capacity for the chargers. All modern phones support this range to have an instant and swift energy boost making it a feasible iPhone charger as well as best android charger.

Dual USB output port: R-415 brings the facility of connecting two devices with its dual port output. It also comes with cables available in type-C, USB, IOS and android versions. You can choose the best combination for you.



2.4 Ampere

Cable Type

Micro USB, Type-C, Lightning




2 x 2.4 Ampere USB Ports

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