Slim & Smart Wireless Earphone R-780



Ronin’s R-780 Is The Innovative Wireless Bluetooth Hand Free With Slim Smart And Easy To Wear Design. 

Ronin R-780 Will Forever Change Your Perception Of Quality Sound With Its Clear Non-Distorted Noise Free Sound Fulfilling Your Needs As The Smart Bluetooth Wireless Earphone User.

Elegant design: The slim and sleek design brings you the delicacy and sophistication to match the elegance of your personality.
Easy to wear: 
R-780 Bluetooth wireless earphone are user-friendly with its easy to wear built. They definitely provide the seek comfort and ease in wearing and handling them.
Clear sound: 
Ronin’s R-780 is a treat for the music lovers and autophiles with its special clear sound delivery. Enjoy the perfect sound without any noise or distortion with R-780.
Fast pairing ability: 
The fast pairing ability aids the easy connectivity to the devices and helps the smooth running of your activities without delay.
High-capacity battery: 
The comfort ease and perfect sound experience of R-780 is long lasting and uninterrupted owing to its long-lasting high capacity battery.


Connectivity Type: Bluetooth V4.2

Usage Time: 65 mAh Battery
(Upto 4 hours continous Music time)

Charging Time: About 2 Hours

Color: Black

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