Space Pulse Wireless Active Earphones

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Truly Wireless

Wires? We left them behind in 2019. 2020 is all about being truly wireless and so are the Pulse Wireless Active Earphones. There are absolutely no wires, making the earphones very practical. Sometimes, you’d genuinely forget they’re in your ears.

Robust Sound 

Don’t settle for anything less than perfection because perfection is what we’re offering you. With Pulse Wireless Active Earphones, listen to your favorite music in incredible quality. The earphones are capable of enormous volume while having no negative impacts on sound quality.

Ear-Hook Secure Fit

Allows you to securely fit the earphones pair around your ears so you can carry on with your exercise or day to day activity without having them constantly falling out.

Onboard Controls And Microphone

Equipped with onboard controls and inbuilt microphone for better control over music and communication during calls.

Sweat Resistant

Work up a sweat while dancing? Worried the sweat will damage your earphones? Worry no more. The sweat resistant feature gives the Pulse Wireless Active Earphones protection against sweat damage.

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