Space WS-090 Wireless Power Bank Series 10000 mAh

Rs.2,999 Rs.4,125


A Wireless Power Bank
Nobody wants to carry wires with them everywhere, and it was about time that Power Banks adapted to being wireless. SPACE Wireless Power Bank Series 10000 mAh [WS-090] has taken the convenience and portability of a Power Bank to a whole new level. Now forget wires and charge your phone anytime, anywhere.

Dual Convenience
We wanted to make this as convenient as possible for all kinds of users - thus, the WS-090 Power Bank also comes equipped with two USB ports for times when wireless charging isn’t an option.

Charges Up To 5 Times
The Wireless Power Bank Series 10000 mAh [WS-090] can charge the conventional smartphones up to 5 times - not too shabby for such a multi-purpose, all-inclusive Power Bank.

Rubberized Finish
The Power Bank features a rubber finish that not only has a good feel to it, but also adds durability to the gadget. Integrated within the rubber body is the Power Bank’s LED indicator for remaining battery.


Technical Specs

Capacity:  10000mAh
Input:  5V/2.1A
Output:  5V/2.1A (Max)
Charging Time: 5-6 Hours
Recycling Time:  >500 Times

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