Baseus Encok W3 True Wireless Earphones

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Six Functions:

1. In-ear noise cancellation 2. Immersive Hi-Fi audio 3. Single / dual mode

4. Low latency AV sync 5. Clear call 6.18 hours of battery life

In-ear physical noise cancellation:

Optimized physical noise cancellation instantly reduces ambient noise. Three sizes of ear tips with good sealing are available for different people to prevent sound leakage.

MEMS microphones for a clear call:

MEMS microphones can intelligently capture and amplify sound from microphones to help clear and effective communication in the subway, shopping malls and other noisy people


10mm voice coils high quality sound:

High tenacity voice coils and composite diaphragms deliver deep low frequency sound and clear high frequency sound, giving you an immersive experience.

Wireless 5.0 Stable Transmission:
Wireless 5.0 helps prevent signal loss and disconnection due to 2.4GHz interference.
The transmission rate of up to 24Mbps is twice the speed of wireless 4.2.

AV Synchronization:

High performance wireless 5.0 chip offers AV sync and low latency to help you capture the first opportunity and enjoy smooth operation in fighting games.

18 hours of combined battery life:

Use with the large capacity charging box and adopt low power wireless for 18 hours combined battery life and 300 hours standby time.

Comfortable and Anti-fall:

108 ° elevation angle better fits Asian ear canal, which is difficult to fall during exercise.

They come with 3 sizes of soft silicone tips to perfectly adapt to different hearing canals.

Touch to Control:

Touch control through intelligent integrated capacitive sensing components replaces the bulky operation of the phone. Just touch your earphones with your fingertips, you can take a break,

Answer a call, activate the voice assistant, etc.

Music mode:

1. Play / Pause: Double click right earphone (R) 2. Last song: Long press left earphone (L) 1.5 seconds

3. Activate voice assistant: double click left earbud (L) 4. Next song: long press right earbud (R) 1.5 seconds

Call mode:

1. Answer / hang up: Double-click left or right earpiece 2. Reject a call: long press on left or right earpiece

Adjusting the volume:

1. Increase Volume: press the right earphone 2. Decrease Volume: press the left earphone

Activate the voice assistant in 1 second:

Double-tap the left earbud to activate your voice assistant to request weather forecasts, navigation, and make a call.

Primary dual earphones Single / dual mode:

Headphones with dual processing smart chip can be used separately without master-slave relationship. Use a pair for stereo, and use a headphone for mono.

Just switch smoothly from single mode to dual mode.

IP55 Waterproof:

IP55 waterproof rating prevents the headphones from water and dust for high quality sound.

Name: Baseus Encok True Wireless Earphones Model No: Baseus Encok W3 Material: ABS Version: V5.0 Standby Time: 300 hours

Music time: 4 hours (70% of the volume) Music time with a charging case: 18 ~ 24 hours

Battery capacity: 37mAh / 0.14 wh (earphones) 200mAh / 0.74 wh (charging case) Charging time: about 2 hours Frequency response range: 20Hz- 20kHz

Charging interface: Micro suitable for: Compatible with all wireless devices

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