Dual Port USB Wall Charger

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Bold Exterior, Efficient Performance
Designed to relieve you from all charging troubles, the Dual Port USB Wall Charger is the epitome of class and durability. Be it your daily work life or planning a trip ahead, the charger’s compact size makes it extremely easy to carry anywhere, everywhere.

Dual Ports, Outstanding Output
Creating ease with technology, the Dual Port USB Wall Charger allows you to charge two devices or potentially even two tablets at once. No wait, no hassle as the charger’s powerful 2.4A output is appropriate to charge more than one device with great speed.

High-Quality Cable Included
To make the charging experience as smooth as possible, the Dual Port USB Wall Charger comes with a complementary Micro USB cable to fuel up your Android devices.

Meets Global Standards
The Dual Port USB Wall Charger is built with top-grade materials as per the global safety guidelines making it the perfect work partner.


Technical Specs

Input AC 100-240V
Output DC 5V/2.4A
Working Temp 10°C-50°C
Size 85x43x25mm



Android Smartphones

MP3/MP4 Devices

Other Micro-USB Devices

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