Havit HV-H2105d Wired Headset

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Havit HV-H2105d Wired Headset

  • Large ear cups that completely cover the ear from external noises and sounds

  • The clear and non-harsh, high pitch can create perfect atmosphere

  • This quality headset with microphone is ergonomically designed‎,‎ It has excellent sound quality and a wide range of frequency‎ 3.5mm jack connector‎,‎ fits for all kinds of standard size mobile phone ports‎.

  • The headset is made of soft and subtle materials that increases your comfort when you're using the headset

  • The core part uses some hard material to maintain sound channel‎,‎ to ensure the sound will not be distorted because of pressure of the top‎

Havit Stereo Headphone With Mic (HV-H2105D) - Black have large ear cups that completely cover the ear from external noises and sounds. It has excellent sound quality and ear pads improve the comfort of wearing. It is with built-in microphone designed for audio playback in stereo. Connected to a computer, laptop, TV, MP3-player and other devices with standard audio jack 3.5 mm. Thanks to the microphone built into the headset, there is no need to purchase a separate microphone to participate in video conferences and communicate in to Skype.


Color : Black & Red

Headphone Jack : 3.5 mm

Headset Design : Clip Type

Model ID : HV-H2105D

Model Name : Stereo Headphone with Mic

Type : Type Over Ear

Wired-Wireless : Wired

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