Havit MP909 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

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Havit MP909 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Provide yourself with even more gaming comfort and complete your gaming zone with a functional yet stylish accessory. The plug & play Havit MP909 non-slip mousepad will make it easier for you to control your mouse and help you achieve another victory. The product is waterproof and easy to clean - you can easily keep it in perfect condition. In addition, 9 available RGB backlighting modes give it an interesting gaming character.

Built for dynamic gameplay

Enjoy increased speed and precision. The hard surface and detailed texture of the mousepad will give you even better mouse control - now you can easily track down your opponents in the game and shower them with a hail of bullets. The product will also not move on your desk - its bottom is made of an anti-slip PP material, and silicone feet increase its stability.

Easy to maintain

The pad is designed to make it easy for you to keep it in great condition for a long time. It is resistant to water and sweat - it will perform well during even the most exciting games. If necessary, you can also clean it quickly and easily to keep it functional and stylish for even longer.

Just plug it in

To use the functionality of the pad, you really don't need much. The product is fabulously simple and quick to install. Thanks to the plug&play system, all you have to do is connect it to your computer - no need to waste time looking for the right drivers! What is more, the pad is compatible with many popular devices and systems.

Style decoration for your desk

Want your gaming accessories to emphasize the character of the gaming zone you have created? The MP909 mouse pad will be an excellent choice! Colorful RGB backlighting attracts attention and makes the device look really fantastic. You can also choose from 9 available light modes - just use the built-in switch!


Brand Havit
Model MP909
Dimensions 350x267x 4.5x3.3mm
Operating voltage DC 5V
Operating current 200mA (max.)
Cable length 1.4m
Material PC matte surface + PP non-slip material

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