Lenovo Monster XKT10 Gaming Noise Reduction Earphones-

Color: Blue
Rs.8,000 Rs.10,000
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1. The semi in ear design is more suitable for the curved ear canal, with no sense of zero compression, and can not be worn off for a long time;

2. The charging chamber adopts a rotating zinc alloy steel ring, with a unique and innovative design inspired by a sci-fi spaceship

3. Voice assistant, master-slave switching, whatever you want;

4. High definition voice, strong communication

5. Stable charging, longer service life and extra long standby

6. Bluetooth 5.2 chip, take out the headset and connect it for seconds. The connection is fast, accurate, stable, low power consumption, and does not jam;

Both the left and right ears can be picked up and used, and the left and right ears can be switched seamlessly!

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