Move Wireless Neckband Earphones

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Great Volume, Perfect Sound
The tech-forward Move Wireless Neckband Earphones MV-694 are the newest addition to its iconic series. With its uninterrupted connectivity, great volume and perfect sound, the Earphones are definitely the best one out there.

Trendy Built, Magnetic Earbuds
Totally reliable and extremely durable, the Move Wireless Neckband Earphones MV-694 are created to provide a flawless listening experience. The Earphones are also equipped with magnets on the outer side to keep them properly and safely when not in use.

Integrated Mic, On-Board Controls
Why stress yourself when you can have all controls at your fingertips? Well, the Move Wireless Neckband Earphones MV-694 comes equipped with a built-in microphone and on-board controls to make your daily interactions hassle-free.

30 Hours Extended Playtime
Keeping it as user-friendly as possible, the Move Wireless Neckband Earphones MV-694 is equipped with a massive rechargeable battery. The Earphones provide a 30 hours extended playback time and 25 hours long talk time to prevent any delay at needed times.

Built-In MP3 Music Player
Phone battery died and still have a long way to go? No worries, the Move Wireless Neckband Earphones support SD card insertion. So, whether you are connected to your phone via Bluetooth or not, you can directly listen to your favorite music anywhere, everywhere.

Neckband Secure Fit
The Move Wireless Neckband Earphones MV-694 features solid structure and ultra-modern neckband design which is as appealing as its practical nature. The Earphones are designed in such a way that it provides a secure and comfortable grip to the user.


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