MXQ Pro 4K

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 Are you ready to change your old LCD into a Smart TV?

If you're then we have the best offer for you. Compro System brings MXQ Pro 4k TV Box to meet all your expectations from a Smart TV.


Features and characteristics

The MXQ Pro 4K TV Box features a high-performance 2 GHz Quad Core processor. This, combined with the Penta Core Mali-450 GPU, gives it a lot of power for most of the tasks you ask it to perform. You can find more powerful boxes, but certainly not at this price. The processor and GPU are fast enough to play 4k videos. 


This MXQ Pro 4K offers enough space for a streaming device. It has 8GB of Flash memory, which means you don't have to worry about running out of storage space when you use the MXQ mainly for streaming. You can download as many applications as you like. But if you're looking to store movies, you'll run out of space quickly. This TV Box has a USB port, so you can store files on an external drive. Therefore, with internal and external storage, you are ready for hours of endless entertainment. In addition, the MXQ Pro 4K also has an external card reader. You can add an SD card up to 32 GB if you need more storage space.


The MXQ Pro  supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Wifi and Ethernet speeds are sufficient for any type of streaming. This device does not support Bluetooth, which is one of its disadvantages. As long as you want a streaming device, it's a great purchase, but if you're looking for something that can handle heavy games, then this product may not be the right choice. It comes with an AC adapter that can be used for other gadgets, a remote control, an RCA cable, an HDMI cable and a user manual.


The software of this device is not exceptional, but it is by no means bad. The operating system installed is Android 5.1.1. You can download all your favorite Android applications without any problem. Therefore, the MXQ Pro  gives you access to all popular streaming applications from Netflix to YouTube. In addition, some additional modules are pre-installed with Kodi. Kodi is an important feature because almost everyone uses it for streaming these days. However, if you want to get rid of all unnecessary additions, you can always choose to reset the device. In addition, you can upgrade to Android version 6.0 Marshmallow if you are the type of person who likes to run the latest version of the operating system.


Many people found the user interface boring. The home screen comes with huge icons assembled in a way that is not very eye-catching. However, if you wish, you can always install another launcher adapted to your preferences. In addition, the device is easy to configure and this is a merit that cannot be ignored.

MXQ Pro 4k – Performance


This device does not keep you waiting with a constantly slow streaming. There is no buffering even when broadcasting high resolution content. The device is perfectly responsive and does not lag. Even when videos are played for hours, it does not overheat, freeze, or stop working completely.


If you use a TV Box mainly for Kodi, then this box is all you need. For those who want a TV Box specifically for streaming, this is probably the best choice. In fact, Kodi is pre-installed on the device and is fully optimized. You can rely entirely on this box, if you want to watch any television program and can say goodbye to your cable subscription.

Image quality

The image quality that this TV box offers is top of the range. It supports all kinds of resolutions. 4K and HD videos are no problem. Clear and smooth image quality is what makes the MXQ Pro 4K so special. It offers high quality at a very attractive price. This makes the MXQ Pro 4k such a popular Android TV box.

Audio & Video

This MXQ Pro 4k TV box  supports all types of popular audio and video formats. It supports almost all common audio formats available from MP2 to MP3 and MP4. In addition, you get TrueHD and DTS support to test your surround sound system. Whatever video format you use, MXQ manages it perfectly. In addition, because the device has an HDMI port, it can stream stream with clear picture quality to your TV.


Although you can download as many Android applications as you like, this TV box is more for streaming content than for gaming. There is no Bluetooth availability, which may be limited for some games or your equipment. As the remote control is also cheap, this adds to the reason why the game is not so impressive on this device. However, there are many games available and you can still attach a keyboard or mouse pad with the USB Type-A port it has.


1 x MXQ android tv box

1 x AC Charger

1 x HDMI Cable

1 x Remote Control

1 x User Manual

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