Pods Supreme Earphones

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Supreme Earphones, Supreme Sound!

Revolutionize music for your ears forever with the Pods Supreme Earphones. Once you get accustomed to these, it will become quite hard to move to anything below the quality this offers. Fair warning, once you get these, most other earphones will seem like a disservice to you, your ears and the wonderful music which deserves to be heard in decent quality.

Rubber Finish:

These earphones come with a rubber finish instead of a plastic or metallic finish. The rubber finish makes it quite ergonomic and enables sweat resistance which makes these earphones a lot more durable even if they are used during intensive physical activity.

Voguish Design

A lot of times we have to compromise between quality and between aesthetics. With these earphones, you don’t have to do that anymore. Not only do they offer spectacular music quality but these earphones are also quite voguish. Get the Pods Supreme Earphones and create a new look for yourself.


Technical Specs

Driver Unit ɸ 10mm
Impedance 32Ω Ohms
Frequency 20-20kHz
Sensitivity 90dB ± 3dB
Cord Length 120cm
Audio Jack 3.5mm

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