Redragon A106 Steampunk Typewriter Retro Keycaps 104 keys



Redragon A106 Steampunk Typewriter Retro Keycaps 104 keys

104-Key Set

Replace the keycaps of a full-sized, ANSI-layout mechanical keyboard with this keycaps set. Includes number pad and F1 to F12 backlit keycap, and inclusive key puller.

Vintage Style

Redragon features vintage inspired typewriter keycaps. Unique round keycaps with a floating-key design and touch-type support, it's equally ergonomic and beautiful.

Backlight-Compatible Keycaps

Transparent lettering for crystal clear backlighting. These keycaps won't block the backlighting and immerse yourself in the gorgeous glow of RGB backlighting when you're typing in dim light.

Durable Design

Double-shot-molded ABS keycaps are extremely durable and abrasion-resistant for solid long-term use and extended product lifetime.

Gamer's Equipment

They're a nice touch to personalize your keyboard. Redragon A106 retro round keycaps made for gamers and/or for people looking to improve aesthetics of their computers.


The A106 Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps 104 keys are perfect for those who love old-school typewriters and clean, simple modern design.

It suits for the Redragon mechanical keyboard and other original keyboards which are higher than 1-2mm. Keycaps only, NO Keyboard included.

Package Included:

1 set with 104 Retro Round keycaps and Keycap Puller (Keyboard is Not included)

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