Usb Gnoose Neck Wifi Camera App V380 Pro Hd 1080p 2mp

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Description :

● Product: Surveillance camera

● Memory Support : 8G/16G/32G/64G

● Memory Footprint : 0.2G/Hrs

● Power Usage: 230mAh/Hrs

● Power supply : Portable power bank/USB power socket

● Dimensions : 6.3*1*0.6 In

● Weight : 23.8g


● Wifi Supports Mobile Phone Remote Viewing, USB Not Support Mobile Phone Remote Viewing

● Only Support 2.4G WIFI, Not Support 5G WIFI

● NO IR is mean the camera haven't night vision,only the camera 2 have night vison,thanks

14mm Small lens

● Convenient for carry around and concealment

Al Humanoid Recognition

● Al Humanoid Recognition is based on neural networks which can accurately recognize

● Compared with motion detection which is alarm is base on the change of motions

● Greatly reduce false alarm made by the wind, plants or animal movement

Usb Universal Interface

● Power bank ● Power sockets ● Charger

Adjust surveillance angle at will

● Metal hose cable, easy to adjust to ideal angle

Remote playback

● Replay any recordings from internal TF card remotely

It Can Be used

● Travelling abroad:Prevent items stolen from hotel

● Important lectures:Recording and storage live lectures

● Temporary parking:Tikets and scratch is elimminated

● Child monitoring:Studying or playing games

Customize Alarm Area

● Customized arming areas can be set. Only alarm area you cared the most.

Ali Cloud storage

● Eliminating lost of files

Built-in WiFi Hotspot No Network Normal Monitor

● If you don't have a network, you can search for camera hotspots directly on your mobile phone to get close-up viewing

Remote Monitoring Anytime & Anywhere

● Pet/Shops/Senior Citizens/Shops/Garage/Toddlers

● Adopt hd lens, wide field of vision, built-in 6 layers of optical lens imaging clearer and better

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