X5 Wireless Headset

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High Definition Audio
Made to perform under any circumstances, the X5 Wireless Headset features high definition audio mainly dedicated to provide the best listening experience.

Noise Reduction
Nothing is more satisfying than a headset with crystal clear sound. Keeping that in mind, the X5 Wireless Headset features noise reduction which minimizes all unnecessary chaos in the background and delivers a strong, smooth sound for uninterrupted listening.

Multipoint Technology
Why use one device when you can use two devices at once? The X5 Wireless Headset features multipoint technology that can pair up to 2 devices simultaneously and be able to stream music or answer calls from both.

Luxurious Metallic Finish
The X5 Wireless Headset’s luxurious metallic finish and chic design makes it perfect for daily use and can also be a great addition to your phone gadgets.

Extended Play/Talk Time
Making lives easy, the X5 Wireless Headset provides an extended playtime of 9 hours and talk time of 7 long hours. Its durable exterior and lasting battery keeps the work going all day long.


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